Children Murals at Whittington Hospital by Alessandra Tortone

Hello, I’m Alessandra, I’m a mural artist based in London. I create bespoke hand-painted wall murals for private homes, businesses and children sector in the London area.


My journey as an artist started in 2000 back at my home in Sardinia, Italy. Even though I graduated as an accountant (this career lasted only 20 days!), my passion for painting was stronger. With a support of my family I was able to pursue my true calling. I attended a number of painting and drawing courses in both Rome and Sardinia. As a result, my art works progressed from smaller scale projects into larger wall murals and frescos in private homes and restaurants in Sardinia.

In 2005 I become a set designer for an entertainment events company EVENTI producing a wide number of large scale wall designs and murals for upscale hotels and resorts

Bar Mural, South Kensington, London, by Alesandra Tortone

Mural at Jak’s Bar, South Kensington, London.

in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt as well as Tunisia, Greece, Zanzibar and Italy.


In 2006 I moved to London where my skills were noticed in the industry. And the rest, as they say, is history.

After two years, I have gained over 200 customers including restaurant, coffee shops, upscale pubs, private homes, nurseries and hospitals.

One of my most well-known commercial projects has been a collaboration with Paul Sweeney to produce large size wall murals for more than 150 Starbucksoffee shops all over UK – Paris – Swiss and Austria (more still to come!) . In addition, I also created wall designs for a wide range of London businesses especially restaurants – from chains to independent local spots (see example on the right).

Recently she made a wall mural design  for Ladbury Housing Association in order to reevaluate a public space, here following the link to watch the video about it (click on it)

https://www.instagram.com/p/ Bi6ozCaBY68/?utm_source=ig_ share_sheet&igshid= 4vpztoehk1ex&r=wa1
This experience given to her so much in terms of enthusiasm and motivation, making me feel a part of a larger and important project that can help to enjoy more our city especially in those areas where local children for example haven’t enough outdoor space to have fun to find out the power of playing together.

Over the years, I also took a number of residential projects where murals were used to uplift the space and add it an extra character. In 2010, I collaborated with a well know painter Richard Bagguley to produce fine art decorative works at the private residences of wealthy clients in Istanbul.

children bedroom mural by Alessandra Tortone

Children Mural in Wimbledon


My favourite projects are children murals, they are fun, full of imagination and can transform a space into a magical world. In addition to creating a jaw-dropping children bedrooms, I worked for a number of nurseries and children hospitals in London including Whittington Hospital in Archway and Queensbury Nursery in South Kensington.


London has also opened other professional horizons. I grew as an artist and developed my skills in artistic window painting as well as professional face and body painting. I also continued working with various entertainment companies including collaborations with famous Nellie Shepherd for The Blue Peter TV Show and bespoke kids parties in the UK and Cote d’Azure (I even managed to work for well-known Hollywood actors and a bestselling UK writer!)

Inexhaustible sources of imaginative projects and knowledge of many different customers has helped me to overcome the nostalgia of my beautiful island back in Sardinia and I now consider London my home.

But as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Therefore please take a look at my mural portfolio or various galleries . If you like what I do, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you!

Below is an overview of the fine art decorative work in Instabul, a fantastic project with Richard Bagguley: