Wall art design


For over fifteen years I have produced a wide range of customised murals … and I can guarantee you there is not better way to add personality to your space than with a hand painted mural!

Since 2006, I’ve transformed over 500 London commercial and private spaces with outstanding feedback.

My signature mural style is fun and full of personality, making the mural to stand out in any environment. However, I can also create a more refined and classical designs or follow strict corporate design brief.

Waterfall and nature mural, private home in Kensington

Waterfall and nature mural, private home in Kensington  My past and current clients include:

– Private homes in London including classical as well as children murals
– Over 300 London businesses from restaurants to shops
– over 200 Starbucks coffee shops in the South of England
– Hotels and resorts with bold personalities

To see more details, please feel free to browse my mural portfolio page where you can see my key commercial and residential projects .


Mural can beautifully transform any small or large space. But I always strive to go beyond … my murals created a lasting impression on people, Whether it is a family house, private nursery or to local businesses That wants to ‘wow’ Their customers.

Each of my wall mural is bespoke, created based on the space available and a client’s brief or a theme.

I use high quality materials to make sure my murals can last for many years to come. The good thing about murals Is that they can simply be painted over if you ever fancy a change.


Pricing a wall mural very much depends on its size and your requirements. The basic principle Is that the more time and effort is required, the greater the price.

To give you an approximate guidance, a small mural (around 1.8mx 1.8m) with simple details starts at £ 200 where larger more detailed mural would start at £ 500 onward. The final price is Also influenced by the cost of travel, materials and any other expenses.

Please contact me today at alessandratortone@yahoo.co.uk or call me on 07857395591 . I would love to hear about your projects and help you transform your space beyond the expectations! All quotes are given without any obligation.

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