Painted Window Decorations

Christmas Window decoration, Alessandra Tortone, LondonMAKE A KILLER FIRST IMPRESSION …

Artistic window decorations are a perfect way to attract attention from people passing by and send a message out .

The windows are the eyes of any shop or a restaurant by providing a nice glimpse of the space inside. However, they can also be used to set expectations and invite people in. What if you can take window decorating to the next level and really make a wow effect on people passing by?

My services include artistic window decorations and window paintings in London including:

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All my window designs are unique and individually hand painted, using a quality glass paint. I also accept commissions for special events and marketing campaigns from small businesses to major brands.

Here is a video showing my work at Institut for Esthaderm Paris summer window display:

The gallery below shows a selection of my previous window art works, for more information or a complimentary quote, please contact me today.