grafitti art

In collaborations with my friend and great artist  Julian, with over 20 years experience, we can also produce outstanding, unique and customised graffiti art and graffiti work shop for teenager and adults.

Playroom, street art, Van, commercial , gym walls… you name it!

Working in all aspects of Urban media since the late Eighties he has carved out a well respected and renowned name for himself.  For the past few years he has mixed working in ‘street’ media with more community-based projects, realising the potential he has for communicating visually with young people. He now regularly works for youth service providers who recognise the authenticity of his urban-themed art and value, his thorough professional knowledge of youth culture and its means of communication. Returning to his first love, Graffiti Art, he also delivers compelling workshops and inspires young people with his sincere passion for art & design.

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